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here's another birthday that i delayed in sharing with you .

this time , it was a night for our real girlfriend - Gone !

lucky for us , she thought it was a dinner to celebrate new year . resting everything at rest , we went for a black-white-pink theme . we had a live performance session and the coolest thing is when a stranger came to perform for Gone ! couldn't it more surprising ? and we had a resolution night sharps at 1200 , the first January of 2012 . balloons and speeches were said , dance were done and the rest of it , let the wind fly it off .

Hope you have a great year ahead , Mirna !
Love you sisterss !

Venue :
Gravy Baby , Section 13 , Shah Alam .
The aunty and the uncle who are the owner are super sporting and cool !

Cupcakes by Wondermilk

Balloons by Party Whoopers , Section 9 , Shah Alam

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