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I could divulge you the entire account of my surprise birthday celebration, only that I’m afraid that my friends would be offended that I am satirizing them. Hahaha. It would be surprising and dramatic enough if I could stop cackling and pretended that I have zero clue of the surprise. I really would love to be part of the drama, but I couldn’t. I sucks big!

To cut short, the guys made my car disappear after we went for a catwalk at Botanical Garden, Putrajaya. Their plan
( although failed on me ) worked on the girls who were traumatic enough when my car was gone. Sorry blondies !

For it all , I’m truly blessed for having these people who are damn good at these all ! And having 'you-know-who' who was dramatic enough to cause scene , a fight scene ( specifically ) in the car for being really irritating . Hahaha .

Thank you thousand to
Hanisah Othman, Ahmad Hafiz, Nazrul Anaz, Mirna Denci, Izzati Rosli,
Elfira Rosellini, Syafiq Affandy, Izzat Amir, Aimi Nasarudin
for the drama , macaroons , balloons , sandwiches , papers , strawberry FnN ,
painted mannequins and for returning my car off course ! Hahaha .

And giant thanks to Mummy Nor for my favourite cheese cake .
And Hamdan Nazri for the ‘ Thanks for the Memories ’ by Cecelia Ahern =)

First bad part , Hamdan wasn’t there to celebrate with us .
Second was I only got to ate a slice of the cheese cake .
Other than that , fireworks !

A stop with a Thank You Koranggggg ! Ailebiuu !

Venue :
Botanical Garden , Putrajaya

Theme :
White and Red

Macaroons by Harold's

Cake by Secret Recipe

Lost car by Mohd Shafee


Marhamah Ismail :) said...

emm theme kaw white and red ??

Shazlida Mohd Shafee said...

aku birthday girl , mane nak tau color surprise mereka . surpriseeee kannn aku pakai biruuu ? SURPRISEEEEE !

Marhamah Ismail :) said...

tersuprise lah iteww !! :D