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this was a couple of months back but i only had the chance to share it today ,
considering my vacant schedule at present . jyeah !

by the way , this was a surprise birthday dinner for our very dear 'Sistersss'  , Aimi !

we decided to go for a cake that might resemble him in his next 20 years , a body-builder figure . was a simple dinner that made him shed his 'manly' tears . so dramatic of you aimi . he came with a make-up full , thinking that they were going to shoot for their french video assignment , clueless of what awaits him inside . finished with the candle blowing , continued with a lunatic karaoke party and meaningful heart-out night . pinky promises people !

so this is to you sister ,
all the best in working your diet planning !
Love you Girlfriend !

venue :
Gravy Baby , Sec 7 , Shah Alam

cakes by Linda , Klang

signs by Shima Paiman of Pop Pix (fb)

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