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Thanks a lot to everyone who made it to my sister's big day last April 14th ,
from my Convent girlfriends to my Town friends  to my UIA sisters and UITM friends .
Thanks in a HUGE GIGANTIC way to Nazrul Anaz , Ahmad Hafiz and Hamdan Nazri for the help .
Not forgetting few others like Muiz and Irwan who helped to run the cupcakes .
Haven't got the chance to personally dig everyone's picture . So , these are all I have .
Thanks again for your Du'a and Wishes , Precious !

Wedding was planned by Precious Moments Collection
Door Gifts and etc by Projek Resepsi

To My Sister & My New Brother-in-law Collection ,
Have a blessed beautiful marriage , Barakallahuhair
and bring me fair nephews and nieces ! Hahaha .

Next  in the family is me , tehee !


.Wawawawawanda. said...

Haaa shaz yg seterusnya bila ni? Tak sabar aku nak menempel kat pelamin kau.

Shazlida Mohd Shafee said...

ai tunggu yu duluuu . auwww ! mari laa mari laa , i nak tempel kat pelamin yu dulu . hikhikhik .