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she whom bosses around at The Merci Store


Assalamualaikum. Let's go straight to the point: I truly apologise if I ever hurt or offend anyone by any of my act or word during these few months . I am very really busy with so many stuffs that my leisure time is very restricted . My one month holiday was occupied with the routine of taking care of my nephew and my pregnant sister and my new house's business . Since everyone in the family works till nights, so my morning till nights was  reserved ONLY to take care of a pregnant sister who's about to deliver at any time . This explanation might sound unnecessary to you but it really does matter to me , at least to explain of why I abandoned few dates and left out few of my friends behind . I think it's time to please myself than pleasing anyone else . Yes , I'm selfish and I don't care this time around cuz' all these while , I've been pleasing you and I've spent more time with you instead of my family . So , if you are offended , I'm sorry . Maybe at this time around , you need to understand me . Thank you .

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