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started my February morning with finding the right clothes to be worn . i didn't want it to be colorful although i prefer vibrant , most of the time . took long minutes to figure the best to wear . my traditional Malay dress is never in white or black or dull colors . so i decided to pick a long Punjabi dress paired with black hijab and jeans , knowing it was a little improper but my option was very limited this time . went straight to the Mosque , fetch by Syafiq and Hafiz . we were blessed , the sun spared us mercy , a shady afternoon . windy too , a calming one . Zuhr' passed and all headed to Kubur . the body was buried , Talqin was read , prayers were said . and few steps later , Mungkar & Nangkir took their turn . May you found Jannah , pakcik Sanusi . Al-Fatihah .

my deepest condolence goes to Idyvino Saha's family

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