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e n t h u s i a s m

project 1 : hijabs

by Ditte Isager
starting my hijab project for the Merci Store and will have it launched in February . it's exciting to experiment with measuring tape , scissors and pins . oh hell yeah i'm good at try and error !

project 2 : bedroom

i'm visualising through my mind's eye of the concept of my new room considering that we're renting a house for the next 5 semesters . currently getting the insight of room decoration . and i'm saturated with colour , did i mention that ?

project 3 : couch

wanting to have a meaningful-lazy day . just to lay under some shady tree with breezy air so my mind wouldn't be so occupied . don't ask when , where and why cuz i haven't done with my daydreaming project . tehee .

for the time being , that's all i sketched

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